Surface and path economy by space exploitation
  • This system which enables you to park your bike safely   has been approved for many years.

    Failure-free service as well as easy handling are highly appreciated by its users.

    The compact system covers little site area and walkway space.

    In every box a charging unit for e-bikes is installed.

    The system is patent-registered.

  • Locker-bikestation is the result of a continuous design development by experts in electronics, logistics, architecture, mechanical engineering und security issues.

    The reliable mechanism is controlled by an intime electronic device and monitored on serveral   levels.

    The space underneath the canopy is designed according to latest security requirements and is kept under video surveillance. The entire system is vandal-proof.

  • Compact autonomous storage towers can be combined   to clusters of various sizes.

    The units can be operated in rental ,parking or mixed   mode.

    Well displayed and easy   instructions   facilitate the immediate use for everyone.

    Highest securtiy standards avoid abuse. With an important storage density, short operating paths and a covered and well lit interface we provide a valuable contribution to the ongoing positive development of cycling as an integral part of public transport.