Ergonomics is embedded in any working process
  • We create a perfectly ergonomic condition in a working environment in which constant decision making is required.

    The extraction of singular items for commissioning purposes in storage corridors is a task we have been mastering for a long time.

    A parapet specifically developed  ┬áto fit these purposes guarantees security and ergonomics.

  • A clean integration of IT infrastructure into the "front" workspace allows for efficiency and fluent operation while keeping the shortest possible organization chain.

    Orders can be processed online at home. Redistribution for optimized storage space exploitation can be controlled self-sufficiently.

  • A mobile unit storing company data is connected to the host by W-LAN. A USV power supply enables to run the device unplugged for 1 hour. Recharging is done automatically via friction conduit at the base location.

    Any 230 V device can be plugged in.

    Large wheels and a low centroid guarantee easy manipulation.

    The economy of path-time is considerable.